Fosen Design & Solutions

Engineering Services

With broad experience from shipbuilding and design, our engineering team is ready to offer their assistance to Shipowners, Yards and Subcontractors / Equipment Suppliers. 

We design the future at sea

The services include consulting in all topics of shipbuilding projects and conversions / refurbishments.

Technical Assistance

From updating drawings and arrangements to preparing for major conversions / refurbishments, FDS is ready to assist your company according your request.

Green Technology

From designing and building the most energy efficient pure LNG RO-PAX cruise ferries in 2013/14 to designing the largest HYBRID RO-PAX cruise ferry in 2019, FDS is always searching for new ways to improve energy needs and consumption. Based on our broad experience and interest within this field, FDS is ready to assist your company according your request.


From designing and building different kind of ships as offshore vessels, car ferries, cruise ferries, passenger ships and to the worlds first residential ship “The World”, our accommodation team has built up a unique experience in design and outfitting of crew and passenger accommodation areas. Especially outfitting of passenger cabin, suites and public areas has provided broad experience in cooperation with different architects and accommodation subcontractors. FDS is therefore more than happy to assist your company according your request.