MS Stavangerfjord/Bergensfjord

The Fjord Line project is one of the most challenging RoPax/Cruise Ferries ever designed, due to it’s combined operation as a night ferry and a day ferry. Where other operators can dedicate their design to operation as a day or a night ferry, Stavangerfjord will be able to meet both requirements. The design has been created in close cooperation between Fosenyard, Fjord Line and Finn Falkum Hansen.

To combine the use as a night ferry and a day ferry we have designed the ships with a dedicated deck for public area, providing an intimate and flexible atmosphere for the travelers, leaving other areas as dedicated cabin areas both for the mainstream and the high end market. The way it’s designed enables the logistics required for both purposes.

The ship is also designed to be able to handle both high season and low season by adding flexible chairs on the 10th deck during the Summer season. During the Winter parts of the ship can be closed down, enabling lower crew number and less cleaning and maintenance.

The design also enables further later development of a Spa area on the 10th deck. The exterior design is very much influenced by the classic liner ships, as the Teigen family used to own such passenger vessels (Den Norske Amerika-linjen).

The world’s most environmentally friendly ship:

The design of the vessels was awarded with “The Shippax award” for best design in 2014:

The vessel was awarded with Nor-shippings “Energy efficient award” in 2013:

The ships will operate with pure LNG engines to reduce the environmental footprint to a minimum. The LNG engines will generate exhaust temperature of above 450 deg celcius, enabling a waste heat recovery system (economizer) to generate energy for the entire hotel and public area.

The hull shape is designed to perfection based on tests at the test tank at Marintek and has provided some of the best test results ever made at the tank. The ships were contracted with a limited budget, where owner and yard has cooperated to provide the best possible ship for the resources available – in a shipping segment where there hardly has been any contracting internationally since 2007.

Stavangerfjord (B87) will become the gateway for millions of tourists, mainly from Germany, the Netherlands, France and Denmark. For the Norwegian West Coast (Bergen & Stavanger) the ship will be the only service provider with daily calls, for the South East Coast the ship will re- introduce Langesund (Telemark) as a port for daily international ferry services.

With this connection from Central Europe it will also be possible to travel from Hirtshals to Kirkenes by sea, by switching to Hurtigruten at Bergen and adding the South West coast of Norway to the experience.


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