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Our Projects

The company has for decades designed several types of vessels. Following are the main and latest FDS projects. 


Fosen Design & Solution (FDS) have been a part of the Fosen Yard project management including Engineering, commissioning’s team, and sea trial planning/testing for completing of M/V Honfleur for SIEM.

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MS Color Hybrid

The Color Line Hybrid is designed to be highly energy efficient and with quick charging shore connection (HVSC) in combination with battery hybrid propulsion system has little to zero impact on the environment.

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Conversion of MS Fram

MS Fram has gotten a new sewage treatment system, new additional heeling tanks and several upgrades in the public areas. A challenging part of this conversion was the installation of a new gasoline storage, which is unusual for passenger vessels and demanded a great deal of discussion and approval from several authorities.

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Conversion of MS Spitsbergen

MS Spitsbergen has had several conversions at Fosen Yard. In 2015 the ship’s Iceclass was added and a Ducktail was added to enhance performance and fuel consumption. In 2020 the ship is again converted in parts of the aftship to further decrease fuel consumption.

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Conversion of MS Vesterålen

MS Vesterålen is an old Lady of 37 years, build in 1983 most input data was hand drawn, revised over the years by different yards. Often the onboard situation is different than what the drawings show, in those cases onboard verification is necessary.

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Conversion of MS Finnmarken

MS Finnmarken was docked for 66 days at Fosen Yard – little time to achieve a long list of areas to be converted, but possible! The ship was converted in several areas and for different purposes.

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