Fosen Design & Solutions

Ship Design

Our goal is to meet the clients’ expectations with exclusive projects, emphasizing environmentally friendly solutions.

We design the future at sea

Every Fosen Design & Solutions project is exclusive and tailor made on the Client’s needs.

Thanks to the experience of our team, we can develop projects for a wide range of applications, specifically within the passenger and Ro-Pax vessels market. We provide fully optimized products for new buildings, conversions and refurbishments. Performances and environmentally friendly solutions are always emphasized to meet and exceed the Clients’ expectations.

Concept Design

FDS has long experience in developing concepts on Clients’ needs. Needed documentation and calculations for an optimized project will be made. We also have good cooperation with several architects to get the best expression and exterior view, as “Curve Appeal” is important. We use 3D models from the start of every project to evaluate and optimize the concept at early stage.

Green Technology

With the environmental challenges our planet is facing, we believe every industry must investigate how they can reduce their carbon footprint. For the shipbuilding industry this includes a re-invention of traditional fueling, but also emission reduction by system optimization and recirculation processes as well as advanced hull forms, rudder and propeller systems. Contact us for more information!

Detail Design

The detail design or production design is often an overlapping phase with both basic design and production of the vessel itself. This is usually necessary to leave the general deadlines and delivery dates of the owner untouched. Within the detail design a complete 3D model of the ship will be generated including all cutting, nesting and bending information. Furthermore a full detail accommodation package can be offered. The accommodation design is also based on a full 3D model cooperating with the steel model. 


The focus of FDS is always on optimization. The whole team is challenged to find new and better solutions, from energy saving aspects to hull and weight optimization. Every design is unique and in order to achieve the best solutions the team must work closely together in every iteration of the optimization circle. We are trained and experienced in doing so, which is why FDS has been awarded several prices over the years.

Basic Design

The basic design documentation is first input for the production model and all necessary approvals from classifications and authorities. It also includes the last iteration of the optimization process in which energy consumption, hull shape and all other disciplines will be finalized. In a time in which 3D models are used for almost every aspect, the boundaries between basic and detail design are melting. We are exclusively working with 3D models as this is the only way to detect and solve all possible complications. FDS is offering basic design packages including the general part, hull, outfitting, machinery, interior, HVAC, Safe return to port as well as electric engineering.