Fosen Design & Solutions

The Company

Fosen Design & Solution is an old and experienced company with new name. It was originally the engineering staff at the Fosen Yard with long experience and many awarded design’s. Now it is a separate company in the same group as Fosen Yard.

Fosen Design & Solutions is based on decades of experience, driven by state of the art designs and new technologies to dive into a greener future at sea. 

From designing and building the largest private residential ship on the planet in 2002 to the largest hybrid ferry in the world in 2018, the company is focused on developing classic and future designs to merge with the shipowners visions. 

There are no problems, just challenges, and we will solve them!

Fosen Design & Solutions has been involved in conversion of several ships. Since a conversion can become a challenge from the engineering standpoint, the above slogan became a member of the company’s philosophy.

Our team embraces challenges and alongside each other we have solved every challenge so far.  


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Fosen Design & Solutions